Warrior Assault Systems Covert Plate Carrier Mk1

Warrior Assault Systems Covert Plate Carrier Mk1

For awhile now I have been looking for a low profile plate carrier that would be suitable for use at low vis games like Blackline Simulations puts on.

The author wearing the Warrior Assault Systems Covert Plate Carrier Mk1

While going through the Black Bear Gear website I came upon the solution I was looking for, the Warrior Assault Systems Covert Plate Carrier Mk1.

The Warrior Assault Systems Covert Plate Carrier Mk1 with the Triple Velcro Mag Pouch attached.

The CPC Mk1 is a low profile plate carrier with no molle or clips making it slick. This makes it ideal for wear beneath clothing when you want to remain covert as it basically has less bumps to print through clothing.

The CPC Mk1 is extremely adjustable and all adjustment is done using Velcro.

The CPC Mk1 broken down to it's components

The double layer elastic sides provide comfort when moving around and feature 2 internal pouches that can fit a magazine, radio or a number of other equipment. In testing I found them to be very secure.

The elastic side pouches are very secure and fairly easy to access.

Included with the CPC Mk1 is the Triple Velcro Mag Pouch, (TVMP), which, like the side pouches, is sized for 5.56mm magazines.

The TVMP front and back views
Looking down into the the TVMP. You can see the rubber like material on the inside of the pouches that helps to secure your mags.

The TVMP attaches to the CPC via Velcro, and the attachment is quite secure. The magazine retention is also very good. As with the CPC the TVMP is very well constructed.

The CPC can also be had without the TVMP for a slightly lower price, but realistically, you're going to want the TVMP.

Speaking of construction, we should have a look at that. The main body of the CPC is constructed of 500D nylon stitched together with US Milspec thread that has been treated to resist mildew.

All of the nylon, thread and elastic has been treated to reduce their IR signature to the lowest level possible.

In my inspection of the CPC I couldn't find any problems with the stitching or any loose threads. Warrior Assault Systems double stitches all their products. The work is definitely quality.

Key stress points on the Covert Plate Carrier have reinforced stitching.

Although I purchased the CPC for use in low vis roles, it would work perfectly well as an overt carrier as well with the TVMP attached or some sort of chest rig worn over it.

The author wearing the CPC as an overt carrier. Photo Credit: Dan Cyr
The CPC performs well as an overt carrier as well. Photo Credit: Dan Cyr

Overall I am really happy with the Covert Plate Carrier Mk1.  It's very well made, it has a lot of adjustment, which is important if you are built like me and it's comfortable.  It's going to work well in the roles I want to use it in. I would definitely recommend it.

If you are looking to purchase the CPC Mk1 or any other product from Black Bear Gear use the code Bacon19 to get 10% off any regular priced item.

Black Bear Gear These guys are a veteran owned company based in Ontario, Canada. They carry a wide variety of tactical gear. Their customer service is excellent. They didn't have the Covert Plate Carrier Mk1 in the colour I was looking for and they went out of their way to get it for me quickly,
Warrior Assault Systems are a manufacturer and distributor of high quality military and tactical equipment, They are based in the UK.
Blackline Simulations produces unique realsim events using airsoft to simulate the combat portions. They are based in Ontario, Canada.
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