Valken Tactical Laser Cut Battle Belt

Valken Tactical Laser Cut Battle Belt

I have been eagerly awaiting the new Valken Tactical Laser Cut Battle Belt. I tend to run all of my gear on my belt line in place of wearing a vest or plate carrier.  As a result of my, shall we say over-sized body I've had some difficulty finding a battle belt to fit me that doesn't cost a fortune.

The Valken Battle Belt comes in medium, large and for fat bastards, I mean large guys, like myself... extra large.  I was pretty happy to discover that the extra large belt does, in fact, fit me.

"The belt is also light. Which is great, especially if you want to minimize the amount and weight of the gear you are carrying."‌‌
- DW_01 "Bacon" - Direwolves Captain

Instead of the typical nylon webbing traditionally used as MOLLE  attachment points this belt has slots laser cut into its surface. This is part of what makes the belt light. As an added bonus I think the laser cuts look cool, and looking cool is important right?‌‌

The front panels of the belt are held closed by velcro, this allows you to open them so some can access the inner belt, which is included in the Battle Belt, to attach a drop leg rig to the belt. That's a pretty smart piece of design that also makes it easier to change out the inner belt if you want to.

The belt itself seems to be pretty well made. We'll see how it stands up to the abuse I plan to heap upon it.

The only real issue I have with the belt is that the laser cut MOLLE attachment panels aren't as rigid as I would like.

This isn't an issue with AEG mags and pistol mags, but I also run a GBBR MP-7 and it's mags are long and heavy. I found that the belt wasn't rigid enough to keep them from flopping forward. I did find that mounting the mag holders at a bit of an angle combined with wearing suspenders did offset this somewhat.

Overall I'm pretty happy with this belt. At the price point Valken is selling it at its definitely a good value. You can get yours here.

Bacon_DW01 is Team Captain and co-founding member of the team back in 2010. Bacon enjoys training for realistic Milsim events and rucking when he isn’t playing with gear or working to grow the team.