Product Review: STARK Express Grip

Product Review: STARK Express Grip

With so many active members on our team, we see lots of different of gear come and go. From vertical grips, scopes, angled fore grips, lasers and flashlight-grip combos; many options are available to the airsoft operator. Through open-field games and forest firefights we put our guns and equipment through the test of #milsim games and unforgiving weather. It's in these conditions that poor equipment fails. Nothing sucks more then running with your kit falling off  your chest, pants, legs...

"If you like Magpuls Dynamic Rifle technique ... this is a must have grip." - Master Chief

Anyone who's played airsoft for a long time will tell you that investing in a good kit that will work when you need it is important. Spending money on quality equipment (especially safety gear like eye protection) pays off in the long run and the Stark Express SE-5 Grip is a step above the rest! Team member Master Chief recently picked one up at Hero Outdoors surplus and has been raving about it ever since.

Master Chief on the Stark Express SE-5:

Build Quality:

For an ABS Plastic grip, the thickness and durability is outstanding. When shooting thumb over bore, this grip feels solid. Several drops, smacks and hits off trees while running did nothing but mere visual scratches. This is a tough grip that can take a lot of abuse.

The mini storage compartment inside the handle is great for a few extra batteries for longer milsim games requiring flashlights/optics.


The unique design and angle helps to automatically get your hand and arm into the proper firing position when moving swiftly or sweeping in CQB situations. If you like to use the thumb over bore technique with your support arm almost-to- fully extended, gripping the forward-most section of a rail, this is a must have grip.


Not a fan of the fully extended support arm? With a lot of operators also favoring bring their support hand close to the magazine well when firing, the Stark Express grip can also help by being moved as close as possible to the mag-well, towards the rear of the front-rail. With the bottom of the grip almost touching the lower receiver, you get a nice angle towards the magazine well and can bring your support hand up close, comfortably. For SMG and smaller CQB styled rifles this grip holds up well when moving quickly room to room.


The unique pre-set angle of the grip gives it a unique and immediately identifiable look. If you're a fan of Magpul level quality of kit, but don't want the Magpul name-brand or find that the Magpul Angled Fore Grip is too small for your hand, the SE-5 is my recommended go-to instead. We haven't tried yet, but it looks like it would be easy to paint if you need it to match a specific paint-job or loadout.

Price Point: $32.99 CAD


Their aren't many cons to this grip. My one and only con, which is more of a personal preference, is the plug to expose the storage area is tough to get on and off (which, is really a good thing as you don't want to lose anything or have it fall out) but trying to access it quickly could be a bit of a challenge as it took me a couple of tries to take it off. So, under pressure it would be difficult to access quickly without practice.

Final Recommendation: Take my money, now!


Specifically designed for shooters who train and operate with the support hand well forward on the hand guard, fore-end or rails. The further forward you grip your weapon the better able you will be able to manage the recoil. You will also be able to move, or “drive” the gun from target to target or engage a moving target more efficiently. The nature of the thumbs forward grip is to evenly distribute the most mass around the circumference of the grip. Squared up, elbows in, thumbs forward driving the gun toward the threat for increased accuracy during dynamic situations. The Express Grip allows the users forearm and hand to remain in a more natural position whether held extended and on-target or at the low ready position, allowing the forward hand and forearm to assume a “radically normal” position providing ease of movement, comfort and quicker action than any other grip. This angled grip is comfortable – in stark contrast to other vertical fore grips – comfortable enough to hold in position during long wait periods, whether that's in a dynamic threat situations or sport hunting.

- Textured surfaces for a reliable grip
- Resistant to weather extremes, chemical exposure and abuse
- Includes a Grip Plug for storage inside the grip
- Standard Colors: Available in Black, Earth and Green

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Bacon_DW01 is Team Captain and co-founding member of the team back in 2010. Bacon enjoys training for realistic Milsim events and rucking when he isn’t playing with gear or working to grow the team.