Airsoft is Under Attack!

On Febuary 16th, 2021 airsoft players around Canada learned about Bill-C21 which will have a devastating effect on our hobby.

In layman's terms, it could reclassify many airsoft guns currently in use in Canada which have enjoyed a spot as "uncontrolled firearms" into a "prohibited device" which will incur more restrictions when it comes to sale, transportation, transfer and importation.

This newly proposed legislation can have far reaching effects on our community, hobby, and livelihoods for us in the industry.

We encourage all Canadians, if you feel as we do, to sign the official Government petition E-3201 to make sure your voice is heard, officially, to the Government of Canada.

Sharing and getting as many people as possible to sign that petition is critical to show the level that this will affect many Canadians across the country.

As a message to our community, stay strong.

The fight has just begun and there are more places for this bill to die than to pass.

Remember to be kind, respectful, and understanding in our efforts to save our sport. It’s going to be an uphill battle but we stand with fellow businesses, fields, game organizers, and of course our community with this news.


Bill C-21


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