Looking for a fun thrill while slinging plastic? Need a critical distraction device when trying to enter a hard choke point in your BBwars?

Look no further than the Airsoft Innovations' Burst XL grenade.


This in-house CNC aluminium Airsoft distraction training device is a solid edition to the Airsoft Innovations' line up of Airsoft grenades and reminds me of the build quality of the original Tornado grenades.

Using a quick underhand throw around door frames is a nice way to break the threshold and engage fiercely taking advantage of the epic bang that just occured.

One of the cool things about these is the build style allows for some cool "after-market" accessories like 3D printed fast clips which let you bang and go super fast. You can print your own if you have a 3D printer or, buy some if you don't have that printer hookup.

Simply slide the adapter into one row of molle webbing found on most modern plate carriers and chest rigs and weave the pin that comes with the AI Burst XL above and you are ready to go. Grenade is tension held against a hook in the adapter, does not interfere with the replaceable membrane and is made to be durable under extreme airsoft conditions. When ready to deploy pull up on the grenade to unhook it, pull off pin and toss at your enemies.One hand operation, easy to mount and unmount, no permanent modifications to your gear, no parts to fumble with after toss.

You can also check out the PDF manual of the Burst XL too.