Hello everyone! This is just a quick review on Valken’s green gas for airsoft gas blow back rifles and pistols. It’s a personal review I did after testing out different brands. As everyone in airsoft knows when it comes to gas blow back guns there’s Co2, green gas & propane.

Now I am not a fan of propane as the smell gives me wicked headaches and, I don’t like stinky guns. So for me, green gas it is and after using several different brands I have come to the conclusion that Valken’s gas works the best even in cooler temp’s up here in Canada! I got more rounds per mag, per fill based on shooting 3 full mags using my KWA LM4 & HK3P Glock 18c.

Test was done indoors and all mags were room temp (approx 25 deg C) shot one right after the other. I also found that my guns stay cleaner, longer, as opposed to other green gas and of course propane. Those were both huge and deciding factors for me in choosing and while I always figured gas is gas, it seems I could be wrong as Valken surpassed the others.

Valken’s gas works the best even in cooler temp’s up here in Canada!

Before buying your next can of green gas or even propane, try out a can of Valken’s green gas as I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. To me it was worth the added money given the added performance and my guns staying cleaner, ready for more action on the field.




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