The build team once again met at the ultra secret Covert Ops Airsoft Centre for Armoured Fighting Vehicle and Golf Cart Excellence, ( N.A.M.B.L.A ) located at 129 Abrams street in Kitchener, just past the Macdonalds, on the right.

The day started with a discussion of how to secure the giant gas turbine engine to the hybrid chassis. Proposals for pneumatic dampeners and laser welding were considered but in the end a much more advanced method using 5/16th fine thread bolts won out.

With that challenge overcome the team switched focus to the creation of the Upper Structural Framing and Armour Support System, (N.A.M.B.L.A). A variety of lightweight high strength materials and configurations where considered for use in the construction of this system.

The team conducted some expirements with an advanced material shaping system that has been loaned to the centre. Although initially successful some problems with crimping did arise which could lead to the strength of the system being compromised. In the end the team decided to conduct further materials research before meeting again.


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