WorldAirsoft Eye Pro Failure

This photo originates from a Facebook group, Ambush Adventures. It highlights a very important matter. It would be appreciated if you could repost this, and make sure the word is out there.

Guys and girls please take note, this chap had a very lucky escape yesterday at Ambush Adventures. The blood is from his eyelid after a bb penetrated his eye “protection”, splitting his eyelid and sending fragments of the glasses into his eye. He had to be taken to hospital to have them cleared out.

The airsoft device that shot him was not overpowered, and from 5 metres away. For your own safety do not buy cheap, low quality eye protection as this is an example of what can and unfortunately does happen. Make sure that your eye protection meets standard safety requirements such as being ANSI Z87 approved, and/or have CE markings. But be aware some fakes have CE markings.
If you are in any doubt about the quality of your eye protection, test them or better yet replace them with well known, tried and tested brands. Don’t risk your eyesight in order to save a few quid. Fortunately for this chap, he was very lucky to not have damaged his eye permanently. Stay safe on the field. – Bacon


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