Airsoft is one of the fastest growing recreational sports today. Similar to paintball its game play is shooting based with team strategies and realistic objective scenarios.

Many guidelines and safety measures are put in place to ensure the well being of the players and the public. BuyAirsoft.Ca understands that you have questions or concerns, should your questions not be answered below we would be happy to assist you. You can reach us by visiting our contact page.

As with any recreational sport there is a risk of injury, however, following these guidelines will help prevent your child and other players from being hurt.

General Rules & Best Practices

  • The minimum age for most clubs is 18. Check your local club for their rules.
  • Airsoft guns should be stored unloaded and in a case out of reach for all children.
  • Airsoft guns should be treated as if they are loaded at all times.
  • Airsoft guns have a safety, click it on to not allow for a misfire and while not in game play encourage your child to remove the mag and turn the safety on.
  • You can check your local bylaws by contacting your local RCMP or municipal police service.

Handling, transporting and game play

  • Most airsoft guns have been designed to look very realistic, however there are a few alternatives that look less realistic; “Clearsoft” line sports guns with a completely transparent body showing the springs and gears inside.
  • Stress to your child that airsoft guns should always be treated as real guns because to the public they appear so. Never under any circumstances should any airsoft gun be pointed at a member of the public, an animal, or personal property.
  • When transporting an airsoft gun, carry in a case as to not alarm anyone.
  • Backyards and public areas are not a suitable place to play, stray BB’s can hurt unsuspecting bystanders and people will call the police.
  • A good place to play airsoft is a privately owned piece of property out in the country, owned by a relative or family friend. Always get permission first. If you are having a large gathering it is a good idea to alert the neighbors within the vicinity to what is going on to prevent panic and calls to the police.

Protective gear

Airsoft guns shoot small plastic BB’s and depending on the quality, make, and type of gun, they may vary in velocity. We recommend that your child have the following gear while playing:

  • Goggles – Proper eye protection must be worn. Some fields allow Ballistic glasses style, but at most fields you must wear full seal goggles, either high quality CSA Z94 goggles or paintball goggles. All eye protection must be secured with a head strap. Most fields do not allow mesh style goggles due to the risk of BB shards going through or the mesh breaking under sustained impacts.
  • Boots – Most clubs and fields recommend suitable footwear (ie: not running shoes) high quality boot with at least 5” of ankle protection.
  • Vest – We sell tactical vests that are meant to soften the impact of a BB. The vests also allow you to carry previsions such as mags, ammunition, and water. Weather permitted; a long sleeved shirt will also help take the sting off.
  • Gloves – You need your hands, padded gloves are available for many sports in many stores and will keep your hands safe during game play.
  • Face Protection – Highly recommended as BBs can cause damage to soft tissue and teeth.


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