PRZ Skirmish After Action Report

On Friday July 11th the Direwolves and Maclane Betteridge hosted an informal skirmish at the Direwolves favourite field, the Picton Recreational Zone, (PRZ). Although the turnout was small, only about 25 players, a series of fun skirmishes still took place.

In the first skirmish of the day the two storey saw significant action in the stairwells, which are always the site of fevered battles battles at PRZ. An untold number of grenades have been expended by players trying to take and defend them.

One of the best battles of the day took place in the kitchen and building with Green trying desperately to seize the building from from Tan.

The chaotic layout of the kitchen and the speedball style layout of the warehouse leads to very dynamic 360 degree battles.

Play of the day goes to a player who would prefer to remain nameless. While attempting to throw a Thunderbee through a doorway at an opposing player he managed to instead bounce the grenade off the head of a teammate and into another room entirely where it landed at the feet of yet another teammate. Said teammate then broke the world record for exiting a room.

The author is sad to report he did not manage to get any tomahawk kills this time out, but there is always next time.


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