A couple of weeks ago the team had a Sunday off from practice. Being the airsoft addict that I am the thought of a weekend without playing was too much to bear. So I got up Sunday morning, ate a couple of pounds of bacon and headed off to a skirmish at Covert Ops Airsoft.

I’d been meaning to check out Covert Airsoft for awhile now and I wasn’t disappointed. Located just outside Cambridge, only a few minutes from the 401 the field isn’t hard to find.

Upon arriving I encountered Christian Comeau who was operating the field that day. Christian is a master of velcro who has figured out how to fit more badges on his uniform then I thought possible. He explained the rules to me and made me feel at home there.

The field itself is a woods field that has a good mix of open areas, paths, dense brush and various barricades. It afforded lots of opportunities for both close range engagements as well as long range shooting. The tactical complexity makes the field a lot of fun to play on.

Though there was only a small turnout everyone I encountered was cool. Everyone called their hits and it made for and fun day of play.

One thing, if you are going bring bug spray. I got eaten alive in the bush.

Field fee is $15. Players under 16 need a guardian present to sign a waiver. Standard safety rules apply. 400 fps with .20 is the limit for the field. Snipers can go as high as 450 with .20s. Full seal goggles are required, which I am happy to see becoming more common place in the sport.

Covert Ops airsoft is located at 407 Townline Road, Cambridge, ON

  1. Al Romano 3 years ago

    Sounds like a fun time! I enjoyed playing on their field. Looking forward to more battles there.

  2. Hayden greer 3 months ago

    Hi I would like to join but I don’t know How if you could contact me that’d be great

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