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Based out of the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario Canada, we are an Airsoft Team called the Direwolves. We aim to be precise, coordinated and have a lot of fun out in the field.









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Free to Join

Joining Dire Wolves is free, just come to our tryouts and pass the entry course!

Team Gun Doc

DireWolves is associated with several Gun Docs around the GTA to keep equipment in tip top shape.

Regular Practices

Be part of an active team which practices and plays regularly in all seasons!

Epic Website

DireWolves has this awesome website! Share, upload, comment and contribute to the team!
DireWolves was founded in 2013. We focus on CQB, Suppression Tactics and Direct Action.

DireWolves Airsoft

Friendly Team

We enjoy playing with new people and helping others enjoy playing airsoft. We go events regularly and welcome people to come out and play! Because we are a serious team we look for active players who are able to come out to events.

Training Sessions

Practice makes perfect. We enjoy and regularly practice as a team to help hone our skills and improve overall as a group. We have fun and also do skirmishing during our training. We are always looking for friendlies to tag along.

Active Community

We love all things airsoft. We’re active in online airsoft communities as well as going out to all sorts of events around Ontario. We’re online frequently and enjoy talking about guns and tactics so don’t be shy, come and chat!


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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